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I am trying to parse a file but the filehas binary data inline mixed with text fields. I tried the q on parsing: › questions › how-to-do-search-replace-in-a-bina.

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By Akitaur - 15:44
Based on the suggestion given by Patrick, I have been able to do it using Perl: cat file | perl -pe 's/\\n/\\/g' | perl -pe 's/\n/ /g' | perl -pe.
By Mehn - 10:31 › blog › post › linux-unix › how-remove-non-p.
By Togal - 17:24
Remove the garbage characters with the Unix 'tr' command. To fix this problem, and get the binary characters out of your files, there are several.
By Kebar - 13:36
FILES. TO. PLAIN-TEXT. Removing all the nonprintable characters from a file is a Here is a Perl script, base64_perl, that will take any file, ASCII or binary, and.
By Bramuro - 01:52
Since a CGI script is nothing more than ASCII text, all you have to do is write the text in the It is imperative that we save the file as ASCII text rather than binary or any other format. DOS inserts additional linefeeds into text files, which confuses Unix. The dos2unix script will remove all the extra carriage returns in the file.

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