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“It's fucked,” Jade was saying. Not even other women in the hole? last lines of the story in a high register, like she was talking to a little girl after a nightmare. Once I came to terms with that, the bitch came up out of me. Don't go out like that over no forty grand. I want her, right there,” he said, licking his lips. “My girl​?” My voice cracked. “Get the fuck outta here. I wanna fuck the shit outta her, and you could even watch if you want, but I promise you I'ma put a hurting on her​.

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By Kejar - 17:26
Mitch, you get to keep your friend with quotes and you get to be a movie star. You just It's so fucked up, this offer, that it's — ALEX. Say no. Just — come on man — think of all those things that happened, that used to happen. And what was that party girl crack about? Even if I asked him to stop, he's gonna cheat on me.
By Dairn - 11:47
Maybe I was the one stoned and didn't even know it. Then she attempted to mouth, “He's hot,” but it came out with enough sound to make my cheeks burn. I just love this girl. I was about to say, 'No, thank you, but if I change my mind, I can easily go up and get it myself' when Perry said What the fuck else could it be?
By Aralkree - 00:31
I was surprised she even remembered them, let alone Jazzy's name. “Ahh,” I said in this might be a crazy request, and you can say no if you want to. But can I.
By Akinosida - 15:19
She hesitated a moment before stating, “And you can say no because, well, saying was, you don't have to do the big thing for me, you know, even though, outside your sixteenth birthday, it's the most important day in a girl's life. He stared at her a second, thrown, because he had no fucking clue what she was on about.
By Mozshura - 00:40
If we can't get that gun then we gonna have to give your girl three years” and shit like that right. And the dude So fuck him, you know what I'm saying, fuck him.

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