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If you've noted a reddish orange stain on your baby's diaper you may be feeling In fact, one older study found urate crystals in the urine of 64 percent of. Urate crystals (commonly called "brick stain" by doctors) are a combination of calcium and urate, substances normally found in urine. Crystals of the substance​.

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By Bragis - 15:00
Parents are often concerned when they find crystals in the diaper. By far the most common cause of these crystals is urate–something normally found in urine.
By Faekree - 14:52
His pediatrician said he wasn't getting enough fluids, not eating enough. My son was a great baby, he never cried, ever, not when hungry or in need of a diaper.
By Fezil - 06:22
Urine microscopy (40×) showing arrowhead pointing towards a large xanthine crystal with similar, smaller crystals in the background.
By Kezragore - 04:20
Our urine contains different kinds of crystals. Usually, these are mixed into the urine itself and we are not aware that they are there. However, in the diaper, the.
By Mogal - 14:47
I was asked to post on uric acid crystals in the urine in the first few days after birth. The attached photo is the diaper of a 3 day old baby who has uric acid in the.

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